Overview of phishing techniques

Overview of phishing techniques

What is Phishing? In this day and age everybody knows what is Phishing. The fact that E-mail 📥 ✉️ is used for phishing 100% of the time is extremely important to note. Without you as user/bait opening an email that is worded with urgency and authority and asking to share your bank or credit card details no phishing will make money. And if they do not make money, then phishing will go out of business.

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What is business email compromise?

What is business email compromise? If you Google for business e-mail compromise you get a lot of sketchy information, a lot of company websites that are in similar domain like us and they have some bits and pieces of information. Here at SpamCheetah we take every threat seriously and e-mail is still the most viable medium to effect really damaging and serious threats. This article hopes to clear most of your apprehensions about this topic and we shall end with how SpamCheetah along with other things helps protect you from this problem in an effective manner.

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