Content filtering and spam in 2022

Content filtering and spam in 2022

Content filtering When people talk spam filtering they normally think Bayesian probability theory or content scanning or spamassassin, using regular expressions or pattern matching to stop annoying email messages. The entire world of UCE and UBE, unsolicited bulk e-mail and unsolicited commercial email traffic, the sort of get rich quick schemes, or 419 Nigerian scams, or viagra or other private organ enhancement schemes have no interest in dying down even in 2022.

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Close look at rspamd in 2022

Introduction to rspamd rspamd The word spamassassin has been very well established in our mails for around 20 years. But it is written in perl and now owned by Apache which itself is pretty commercial, using spamassassin backend is not wise according to us. Many sites use it though and it has gotten lot of exposure. But then, it is very simple logic that a perl program cannot scale under load.

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