What are zero day attacks?

What are zero day attacks?

Introduction In the world of E-mail, attacks are not new– they are not old. They are ever-present, sometimes we are aware of it, sometimes not. But they are always around. It is not too often that we have email linked attacks but once they occur it usually raises hell all around. And the Internet is abuzz with various compromises, threats and what not. The recent log4j compromise is one such in which people did not know a vulnerability existed till talk was out.

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How E-mail security works?

Introduction E-mails have always been the focal point of attackers when it came to the very first computer virus or even today in 2022 when attackers use E-mail links and attachments to spread worms or viruses on the Internet. To make an E-mail hurt you you must act on it. If you delete it then problem is solved. But if the attacker intends you to open an attachment or click at a link, then you become a victim to the nefarious intentions of the attacker.

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Overview of phishing techniques

What is Phishing? In this day and age everybody knows what is Phishing. The fact that E-mail 📥 ✉️ is used for phishing 100% of the time is extremely important to note. Without you as user/bait opening an email that is worded with urgency and authority and asking to share your bank or credit card details no phishing will make money. And if they do not make money, then phishing will go out of business.

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