Methods of spam control inside SpamCheetah

Methods of spam control inside SpamCheetah

How can we combat spam? SpamCheetah is first of all an email security gateway product. That means that it does not only stop spam but also allows mails to flow. If the product stops spam well but mails also don’t come, then it is a failure and useless. If however it allows all mails including spam traffic, then also it is worthless. We need to hit middle ground. How SpamCheetah does this using third party plugins and tools is described in this blog article.

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What is malware analysis?

What is malware? Malware is short for malicious software. Malicious content is basically anything that harms your computer by running software that you did not intend to run. It could be deleting sensitive files or abusing CPU and memory or network or a combination thereof. There are many more examples of malicious software. Some of which maybe a little odd like the Sunburst(UNC2452) attack in which the trapdoor did not even steal information.

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