C code samples from SpamCheetah

C code samples from SpamCheetah

How is SpamCheetah organized? The developers of SpamCheetah are old school and even in today’s world the major software engines are all powered by C and UNIX. And it is important to note that many programming languages like perl and python are coded in C. Node.js is the only exception as it is written in C++. Since email is a very powerful thing both socially and technically it needs a lot of raw power and that power can be found only in C.

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SpamCheetah internals

What problems do MSPs face today? In 2021, Managed service providers (MSPs) face an email spam threat that can be broadly categorized as falling into several heads phishing time waste business email compromise viruses malware losing important mails when deleting spam and so on. Nobody likes to see email from unwanted sender or with unwanted content. But email being what it is, this will never be the case.

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