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An anti spam solution for SMBs or SMEs No more UCE or bulk mail, stay safe from phishing scams malware or ransomware attacks

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  •   Unlimited number of users or domains
  •   Malware attachment scanning
  •   URL scanning for phishing attacks
  •   Virus scanning
  •   Sender , Recipient or MIME based blocking
  •   Clustering option for failover and redundancy
  •   RBL live check of all mails
  •   Multilayered anti spam analysis. Including
  •   Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  •   DKIM signature check
  •   SURBL URL scanning and phishing protection
  •   Greylisting
  •   Malware analysis using
  •   Bayesian analysis and more.
  •   Antivirus protection using ClamAV
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  •  Easy to install and deploy for MSP
  •  Low maintenance
  •  End user spam management using mailbot
  •  Easy to use Web interface and mailbot
  •  No Operating System Requirements
  •  Available as VMWare appliance, raw or ISO formats



Size 853,185,223 bytes
SHA256 checksum :: f4a45066979ab8efc10a30a3bb8df05a4923df4209defcce3bd5c68f16e9ddbaa

Size 942,658,350 bytes
SHA256 checksum :: 19374ea1860565470332a8653c3103c5c77eab48f83c113f84509c4b0261dcde


Size 853,446,354 bytes
SHA256 checksum :: d6c8b63ba492709b87eb7c5ab35ea301c438d30970c28b70f2b1f0b42879ebf3

Size 942,644,717 bytes
SHA256 checksum :: 3ee58c9cc0896ac5f4c96806bb3f9605b7aa68d046131c166f815e718889714d

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