Why SpamCheetah

  •  Unlimited number of users or domains
  •  Malware attachment scanning
  •  URL scanning for phishing attacks
  •  Virus scanning
  •  Sender , Recipient or MIME based blocking
  •  Clustering option for failover and redundancy within the LAN using virtual IP address
  •  Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  •  DKIM signature check
  •  SURBL URL scanning and phishing protection
  •  RBL live check of all mails
  •  Greylisting
  •  Tarpitting
  •  Bayesian analysis and machine learning
  •  Antivirus protection using ClamAV

    E-mail level spam control must always be affordable and easy. If you look at e-mail server software like

    or any other commercial offering you know a reasonably talented sys admin can setup an email server with hours or days.

    But what really hurts most and scares most folks is the ubiquitous issue of spam. SpamCheetah aims to be always affordable and caters to this need of spam control being a bottleneck for adoption of most high end free and open source mail server software.

    And the whole world is not locked into the world of big commercial companies since there are both business reasons and other reasons not to trust your email traffic with someone else. Detect spam aricle for learning more about spam.