E-mail issues sorted out

It was very vital for our company Virphy to have trouble free e-mail services since our company is in the business of printing out e-mail attachments sent as PDF and we courier it to the physical address in our database

As part of this business, we needed an effective way to stop email related annoyances as that would be a big drag on our productivity.

Ever since we deployed SpamCheetah our e-mail related problems took care of themselves so we could focus on our business.

Girish C Elchuri, Bengaluru CEO, Smuuth Innovative

Good overall protection from email abuse

Gayatri Hitech provided us with email related protection for our company and we are happy with the results so far.

Since e-mail is critical to infrastructure of any business it cannot be emphasized enough how an effective spam control can improve our productivity. If the spam control goes down then your mail services are down too. So it is vital to work with a trustworthy player.

Andrew Gungadoo, London AWR, engineer

Gayatri Hitech was vendor of choice

Running E-mail server, VPN & spam control from Gayatri Hitech is how we operated Khazana jewellery’s corporate headquarters for 5 years.

It was the VPN based on IPsec that helped us synchronize the MS-SQL database for customer billing. And all our e-mail related problems be it during attack times that occur once in a while or otherwise in normal situations SpamCheetah was a reliable offering that we could depend on.

Narasimha Rao, Chennai Khazana jewellery, DGM- IT

Rich potential

SpamCheetah was slow to deploy but better long term I deployed SpamCheetah in two locations in Richmond and both instances were working to our satisfaction.

Tested SpamCheetah in two locations in Richmond for a long time.

Stuart Pye,Richmond, USA Break fix, IT

It solved our biggest problem

SpamCheetah was developed as response to E-mail spam that was killing productivity of our employees.

E-mail spam has always been a major issue for our employees and having grown tired of user complaints we bought a product from Gayatri Hitech that met our needs satisfactorily.

I wish the best of success to the product and highly recommend to other users.

Sundar Sharma,Chennai, India Owner, GNSA Trading services