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SpamCheetah standard

50 E-mail IDs

  • Monthly 110$
  • Quarterly 305$
  • Annual 1095$

SpamCheetah standard

500 E-mail IDs

  • Monthly 225$
  • Quarterly 655$
  • Annual 2350$

SpamCheetah standard

1000 E-mail IDs

  • Monthly 375$
  • Quarterly 1085$
  • Annual 3880$

SpamCheetah heavyduty

50 domains

  • Monthly 135$
  • Quarterly 395$
  • Annual 1415$

SpamCheetah heavyduty

200 domains

  • Monthly 545$
  • Quarterly 1580$
  • Annual 5650$

SpamCheetah heavyduty

500 domains

  • Monthly 715$
  • Quarterly 2080$
  • Annual 7445$

FAQ on SpamCheetah SEG

What is the difference between Standard and Heavyduty editions?

The standard edition is aimed at customers with one mail server and multiple domains. The heavyduty edition is for customers with multiple MX records and mail servers.

The deployment of both editions are very different. Please refer to SpamCheetah deployment guide to get to know more. You also can look at the Heavyduty video for more details on why creating heavyduty edition for SpamCheetah was necessary.

Do you offer a free trial?


How long does the trial last?

30 days.

What happens when license expires?

We send you email alerts and if still not renewed SpamCheetah will go into pass through mode which means you get mail but without filtering.

Do you offer discounts?

Right now we don’t have plans but we do offer during festival seasons.

Can you match the price?

We don’t get into that. Already we are competitively priced.

What is the spam effectiveness?

It is as you see on the website. No special claims. All our backends are out in the open and richly described. Based on that you can come up with your own conclusions.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept

Contact us to know address to send funds.

Do you accept refund requests?

Usually no. But if you are really unhappy we shall refund.

Can I change plan midway?

Yes! But you lose the subscription for which you paid.

Can I add commercial backends?

No. We only use open source inside.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Already our pricing is based on that philosophy.

Can I buy premium support services?

We do not differentiate between support tiers. All purchases come with standard support on a need basis.

Can I lose legitimate mail?

Yes. If you misconfigure. Under normal conditions no.

Do you offer mail backups?