3rd November,2021 Product

New blog on business e-mail compromise

A new blog article on business e-mail compromise is here

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What does the article discuss?

We think the idea of BEC or business e-mail compromise has been doing the rounds lately and felt it compelling to discuss this in context of e-mail threat control.
The article mostly discusses the human side of how to tackle such a complex problem and throws a fresh light into the often confusing jargon that exist about the topic.

30th Aug,2021 Product

Release of 2 editions

SpamCheetah is now available in a completely new form after completely revamping the website and the product.

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What was the inspiration?

After a really time, like several years there was an opportunity to completely recreate the product from scratch and offer it to customers under 4 variants, 2 editions Standard and Heavyduty.
In addition to being really transparent about the development process we pride ourselves in technical excellence not only in spam control but also the web interface and whole technology in general. Graphs overview
10th Jan, 2021 Product

Automated tests for SpamCheetah

Based on feedback from one of our colleagues we decided to add automated tests in Pytest framework for validating all our backend functions.

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Pytest automation

We added some 20 pytest files to validate the following:

  • Speed testing of mails
  • Sending spam/virus
  • Hitting each of the HTTP endpoints
  • Simulate web panel form filling
  • And a whole lot more

10th Oct, 2020 Business

Automated tests for SpamCheetah

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A new order for our old product

After a gestation period of nearly 15 years we got inspired to create a new version of SpamCheetah first sold in 2006.
Hopefully this time the product will get a good reception.

Here are some screenshots

dashboard quarantine