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An automatic email responder is what a mailbot means. Instead of human replying to mail a mailbot is a software that reads your mail, takes action and replies with success of failure code. In SpamCheetah this feature is available within your SpamCheetah network. You cannot use this from remote unless you are on corporate VPN.

A mailbot can be used for many purposes but we chose to use it for configuration. In future other responsibilities maybe added. To use a mailbot some one time configuration is necessary. It is not by default feature like with other features. And this configuration is not only in Spamcheetah but in also in your mail client like Outlook or webmail or whatever else you use.

Although SpamCheetah can be configured very easily using the web interface and you can quite easily set it up the way you want, many configuration parameters can be tweaked and performing a configuration action like adding or deleting can be quite painless.

However that said, we decided to give one more way by which sys admins like you can benefit by saving time and effort configuring SpamCheetah. By sending an email to a virtual address, an address that only SpamCheetah in your network understands.

This requires setting thing up at your end so this mail does not go out on Internet since the domain does not resolve to an MX record. But once you setup the mail server in your mail client as SpamChetaah’s IP address and setup SMTP authentication with username bot and user configured password then you are ready to go.

Ready to go as in you can start using the mailbot feature in creative ways. The mailbot subsystem in SpamCheetah can now be employed to configure a tiny subset of the total things the web interface does. Over time all features shall be supported.

Note that the special format mentioned in this page must be adhered to in letter and in spirit since this is software reading your mail, so be precise and succinct or else the action won’t be taken. You will be informed immediately anyway. Still it is better to follow instructions and read this page or contact us for further clarifications on this feature.

This page shows you how to set things up and also gives examples of usage.

To setup a mailbot facility in your mail client is quite simple. Just do the following:

Mailbot password config

What is a mailbot?

Here is a quote from wikipedia page on autoresponder.

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it.They can be very simple or quite complex.

The first autoresponders were created within mail transfer agents that found they could not deliver an e-mail to a given address. These create bounce messages such as “your e-mail could not be delivered because…” type responses. Today’s autoresponders need to be careful to not generate e-mail backscatter, which can result in the autoresponses being considered E-mail spam.

An autoresponder allows you to send email messages automatically to people who have elected to receive them (your subscribers). For example, if you’ve created a free report, a feature, a guide or other helpful piece of content, you can let your website visitors access it in exchange for their email address.

SpamCheetah runs a similar software to do some quick configuration feed spam and do certain mundane tasks. A sys admin will find it wickedly easy to do many things that require you to login to the web interface and feed information to the right page/tab in browser.

Kindly note the mailbot only works within your network

How mailbot works

Mailbot is an email bot that helps you configure SpamCheetah without the hassle of logging into the admin interface/webpanel of SpamCheetah.

You can pretty much do a lot of the often repeated activities using the comfort of your mail client and you get instant feedback on the configuration success/failure.

How to configure?

Depending on the mail client you have to configure the outgoing SMTP server with the SpamCheetah’s IP address, username(bot) and password.

These details must be given to your mail client.

Commands supported

Command Subject Parameters Remarks
Add a Banned sender bannedsender add mailid Add mailid to Banned senders

Command Subject Parameters Remarks
Remove a Banned sender bannedsender remove mailid Remove mailid from Banned senders

Command Subject Parameters Remarks
Add a Banned recipient bannedrecip add mailid Add mailid to Banned recipients

Command Subject Parameters Remarks
Remove a Banned recipient bannedrecip remove mailid Remove mailid from Banned recipients

Command Subject Parameters Remarks
Report spam content spamcontent NONE The mail body is registered as spam

Here is a sample mailbot interaction

$ mutt -F .muttrc -s "bannedsender add" mailbot@spamcheetah < /dev/null

$ mutt -F .muttrc -s "bannedsender remove"
mailbot@spamcheetah < /dev/null

$ mutt -F .muttrc -s "bannedrecip add"
mailbot@spamcheetah < /dev/null

$ mutt -F .muttrc -s "bannedrecip remove"
mailbot@spamcheetah < /dev/null

$ mutt -F .muttrc -s "spamcontent"  mailbot@spamcheetah < spam.eml

$ mutt -F .muttrc -s "ping"  <mailbot@spamcheetah < /dev/null

Future direction

Mailbot is a unique feature in SpamCheetah to help configure the product without the hassle of having to login using the web interface.

You can easily get your job done as an MSP without leaving your mail client.

Your mail client must be configured with SpamCheetah’s IP address as the SMTP server with SMTP auth. Please refer to the web interface for configuration details.

If the mailbot does not understand your message you will get an email alert immediately.It is a fun feature, so please use it to save time.

A mailbot is only going to do what the web interface would do albeit differently so expecting it to behave differently is not going to happen. Our software processes it the exact same way as the web interface backend would. This is just more convenient, that is all.

You can confirm if your actions succeeded using the mailbot on the web interface by viewing the list of blocked senders or whatever action you did using the mailbot email.

You can only use this feature from a mailbot enabled account as discussed above. Please do not contact us without configuring the mailbot correctly.

But should you fail in all respects you are welcome to get in touch and we can help using our support link.

Please do not feed content that is subjective to spam filter as that will skew the content analysis and some mistakes do not matter much but if you consistently feed our content algorithm with fake spam content then you are going to lose good mail. Be warned. In short use the spam feeding feature sparingly as the mailbot feature makes it quite easy to do so for you as sys admin. If a user forwards you spam which should not be in inbox you can just forward it to the mailbot account and job is done. No need to upload using the web interface.