Overview of phishing techniques

Overview of phishing techniques

What is Phishing? In this day and age everybody knows what is Phishing. The fact that E-mail 📥 ✉️ is used for phishing 100% of the time is extremely important to note. Without you as user/bait opening an email that is worded with urgency and authority and asking to share your bank or credit card details no phishing will make money. And if they do not make money, then phishing will go out of business.

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SMTP protocol and its workings

What is SMTP? Simple mail transfer protocol is one of the first text based protocols that software engineers play with. You can easily fire up a netcat session,talk to a mail server and deliver email. The excitement of seeing a mail sent by using low level semantics is not only very gratifying for a smart programmer it also used to serve a useful purpose. Until the problem of spam came long.

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SpamCheetah internals

What problems do MSPs face today? In 2021, Managed service providers (MSPs) face an email spam threat that can be broadly categorized as falling into several heads phishing time waste business email compromise viruses malware losing important mails when deleting spam and so on. Nobody likes to see email from unwanted sender or with unwanted content. But email being what it is, this will never be the case.

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SPF DKIM, RBL and the rest

Overview of this blog Here are some basic ideas we wish to cover. SPF allows senders to define which IP addresses are allowed to send mail for a particular domain. DKIM provides an encryption key and digital signature that verifies that an email message was not faked or altered. DMARC unifies the SPF and DKIM authentication mechanisms into a common framework and allows domain owners to declare how they would like email from that domain to be handled if it fails an authorization test.

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