How can you test ride SpamCheetah?

How can you test ride SpamCheetah?

How can you test SpamCheetah easily? E-mail Spam has always been a problem that has been around ever since email came into being. And products like SpamCheetah exist to serve the growing need for spam control. If you wish to understand how spam control works in the real world, how the headers show DKIM, SPF and how RBL check happens, then you can either head to Mail Tester or go [here][sc].

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How E-mail security works?

Introduction E-mails have always been the focal point of attackers when it came to the very first computer virus or even today in 2022 when attackers use E-mail links and attachments to spread worms or viruses on the Internet. To make an E-mail hurt you you must act on it. If you delete it then problem is solved. But if the attacker intends you to open an attachment or click at a link, then you become a victim to the nefarious intentions of the attacker.

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SMTP server

Introduction SMTP protocol is the workhouse of the Internet E-mail otherwise known simply as mail. In today’s world E-mail has become so ubiquitous that you will hardly meet someone that can read and write without an e-mail ID. And the smart phone adoption in third world countries and backward societies has made the e-mail address the fundamental prerequisite to install several communication tools using the smart phone. However in 2022, most of the E-mail addresses you find are either managed by one of two big corporations in America, one is Microsoft, another is Google.

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What is SMTP?

What is SMTP? SMTP overview Simple mail transfer protocol is one of the first text based protocols that software engineers play with. You can easily fire up a netcat or telnet session,talk to a mail server and deliver email. It is very similar to HTTP and it is stateful protocol, a transaction starts once you issue the DATA command. The excitement of seeing a mail sent by using low level semantics is not only very gratifying for a smart programmer it also used to serve a useful purpose.

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