Protect your e-mail server from ransomware attacks

Say no to spam, worms, phishing attempts and malware attachments. Ideal for MSPs or hosting providers. A secure email gateway to fight malware or ransomware attacks

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E-mail threat protection and industry grade spam control

  • SPF, DKIM checks
  • Malware scanning and worm protection
  • SURBL URL scanning and phish guard
  • RBL live check of all mail
  • Greylisting
  • Tarpitting/Blacklisting
  • Bayesian analysis and machine learning
  • Antivirus protection using ClamAV

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Budget friendly and easy to deploy. We have a migration guide too.

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Blog posts

Content filtering and spam in 2022

SpamCheetah - Ransomware phishing protection

Content filtering When people talk spam filtering they normally think Bayesian probability theory or content scanning or spamassassin, using regular expressions or pattern matching to stop annoying email messages. The entire world of UCE and UBE, unsolicited bulk e-mail and unsolicited commercial email traffic, the sort of get rich quick schemes, or 419 Nigerian scams, or viagra or other private organ enhancement schemes have no interest in dying down even in 2022.

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What are zero day attacks?

SpamCheetah - Ransomware phishing protection

Introduction In the world of E-mail, attacks are not new– they are not old. They are ever-present, sometimes we are aware of it, sometimes not. But they are always around. It is not too often that we have email linked attacks but once they occur it usually raises hell all around. And the Internet is abuzz with various compromises, threats and what not. The recent log4j compromise is one such in which people did not know a vulnerability existed till talk was out.

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E-mail security recommendations 2022

SpamCheetah - Ransomware phishing protection

Email security recommendations in year 2022 When it comes to how E-mail security can be enforced and attacks avoided, the world has adopted a wide variety of strategies using which we can quite comfortably guard against business email compromise or spearphishing or other forms of attack on our network assets. The ability to safeguard your corporate assets like E-mail often involves a bunch of tools and we can also leverage open source free software as well in case the system admins are technically competent.

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